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Meet Dr. Everett

Dr. “Bob” Everett


I was born in Portland, OR many years ago. At a young age I moved to Eugene where I graduated from Sheldon High School. From there, I went to Oregon State University where I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree (It was a difficult decision, but I am a Beav despite my ties to Eugene). I attended OHSU School of Dentistry and graduated in 1978. From there I moved to Penticton, BC, Canada where I lived for 12 years before moving back to Oregon. I started my practice here in Gladstone in 1990. I currently live in the wonderful berg of Gladstone with my wife and stepdaughter, and I have two fantastic adult children. One day I hope to see Gladstone progress into the future.

I work hard to keep up on the current trends and treatments adding implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, laser treatment, and same-day-crowns, to name just a few services. I take pride in my work and stand by what I do. Dentistry is changing and we must keep up with those changes whether they are in treatment or diagnosis.

I have been blessed as Dentistry has been truly wonderful to me. I find it not only enjoyable, but challenging. As I’ve often said “each day is an adventure, you never know what the day will bring”. Sometimes all of this can be a difficult task but the one thing that keeps me going is seeing my patients every day and feeling I can do something to help them out. Saying “Hello” and talking with everyone is the real meaning of my day.

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