Geographic Tongue

Here at Happy Rock Dental, we can provide treatment for patients with geographic tongue. Dr. Robert Everett will happily meet with you and discuss how to improve the condition of your oral health. To learn more about geographic tongue in Gladstone, Oregon, we recommend that you contact our office and schedule an appointment with our dentist. Call us today at 503-656-8426!

Geographic tongue is a condition that involves missing patches of papillae appearing as small bumps over the tongue, which often produce a map-like appearance. This condition may show signs of red patches, or lesions, that frequently change in shape and location over the tongue. While geographic tongue is not a harmful condition to your oral health, the appearance may seem alarming.

This condition does not always require treatment, however our dentist may recommend that you receive special mouth rinses or pain relievers to soothe your tongue. We also advise that you avoid consuming and drinking spicy or acidic substances. Over time, this condition can resolve itself on its own.

If you would like to learn more about geographic tongue, contact our office today and schedule a consultation with us.